About Aurofin    

Aurofin was established in 1969 in Chiasso by Emilio Camponovo, the former Chairman of the company, together with other colleagues. Over the years the company has developed a specialization geared towards the physical trade of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium), mainly for the Italian gold processing industry.
Since 1980, on the spur of market changes, the company has been extending its core business by granting gold/silver loans to manufacturers of gold articles, while specializing also in the so called works
  accounts based on sales or loans of gold to wholesalers active in the worldwide trade of gold articles.
Aurofin is furthermore involved in buying old gold and silver from Swiss and foreign wholesalers, which the company sells on international markets as ingots “good London delivery” after an accurate process of fusion and refining.
Among its future projects, the company anticipates to complete its industrial clientele with private customers to whom a team of advisors will lend its support for the purchase of gold bars and other precious metals.

Via Valdani, 1
6830 Chiasso (Switzerland)
Tel. +41 91 682 69 12
Fax +41 91 682 67 34