Precious metal trading since 1969

Maple Leaf
Vreneli Fr. 20

We work with all gold coins from around the world.

We always have a stock of the primary gold coins used for investment (see examples).


Gold coins are divided into two main categories:

  • Numismatic coins which are assigned a value not only according to the gold content, but also characteristics like rarity, year of minting and current demand.
  • Investment coins based on the gold content per coin and market demand.


Typology of coins

  • Sovereigns / Great Britain
    Fineness 916.60
    Fine weight gr 7.315
  • Krugerrand / South Africa
    Fineness 917.0
    Fine weight gr 31.103
  • Maple Leaf / Canada
    Fineness 999.9
    Fine weight gr 31.103
  • Vreneli Fr. 20 / Switzerland
    Fineness 900
    Fine weight gr 5.806

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